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31 March 2014 | 12:25 pm

Menstrual cycle recreated 'in a dish'
Scientists have made a mini working replica of the female reproductive tract to experiment on. (...)
28 March 2017 | 6:46 pm

Measles outbreak across Europe
The World Health Organization says cases are climbing where immunisation coverage has dropped. (...)
28 March 2017 | 6:44 pm

Brain scans may help clinicians choose talk therapy or medication treatment for depression
Researchers from Emory University have found that specific patterns of activity on brain scans may help clinicians identify whether psychotherapy or antidepressant medication is more likely to help... (...)
28 March 2017 | 9:00 am

Deep brain stimulation provides long-term relief from severe depressions
Treatment with deep brain stimulation can provide lasting relief to patients suffering from previously non-treatable, severe forms of depression several years into the therapy or even eliminate... (...)
22 March 2017 | 8:00 am

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